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Cassida InstaCheck- Pass-Fail Counterfeit Dector



  • Verify currency instantly • Immediate Pass or Fail indication • Multi detection for accuracy • Works with all U.S. denominations • A must-have for every cash-handling situation

Cassida Omni-ID Pass-Fail Counterfeit Detector



  • Omni-ID removes doubt about authenticity – PASS and FAIL lights illuminate powerfully enough to be seen in even the brightest retail settings
  • Omni-ID works faster and more conclusively than counterfeit pens — results show in less than half a second, immediately telling you whether a bill is legitimate or counterfeit
  • UV LEDs are long lasting, giving you years of protection and eliminating the need to replace UV bulbs common in conventional UV detectors!
  • Omni-ID LEDs were scientifically selected to vibrantly illuminate security markings and show up under bright retail lights.
  • Wondering how to identify the UV security markings on your state or another state’s IDs and drivers’ licenses? Go to

Cassida Quattro-4 Way Automatic Counterfeit Detector



• All available counterfeit detections and analysis are included for state-of-the-art performance and security • Rechargeable battery allows you to use Quattro anywhere • Never worry about taking counterfeit or bleached bills again • Exclusive Counterfeit Shield Guarantee • Immediate PASS and FAIL indication • Catches fakes pens and UV lights miss • Insert bills in any direction • Instant currency verification