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American Machine Corporation GF16 Snack Vending Machine

  • Electronic pricing up to $99.95
  • Accepts $1 and $5 bills as well as coins
  • Premium dollar bill validator and coin changer included
  • Industry standard DEX recording and display of vend count and cash count
  • Free-vend, multi-vend mode and cash/sales accountability by selection
  • Simple to set up and maintain—load, price, vend
  • Pullout tilting trays for easy loading and assured product rotation
  • Easy-touch keypad
  • Innovative product stacks make loading simple and convenient
  • All-steel construction
  • Rugged steel doors
  • Re-configurable product selection for spacing to accommodate various products
  • 16 snack selections
  • 264 item capacity (48 snack and pastry, 216 candy)
Electrical Requirements
  • Requires one 110 VAC grounded outlet (indoor installation only)

Selectivend SV3000 23-Selection Snack Vending Machine

  • 23 item selections (7 chips, 12 snack/candy, 4 pastries)
  • ADA (American Disability Act) Compliant
  • Fully integrated controller: price by selection, time of day discounts, ect.
  • Time of day shutdown modes for energy savings and controlled vend times
  • Sales/accounting reports: item sales, coin and bill rejection rate counts
  • Accepts $1 and $5 - Equipped with Premium Electronic Coin and Bill Acceptors
  • Indvidual electronic pricing from $0 through $99.95
  • Credit and Debit Card Add-On Option available
  • Equipped with Delivery Sensor System
  • Glass front display with simple live menu changeablility and LED lighting
  • Pull-out tilting trays for easy loading and assured porduct rotation
  • Delivers plug-in ready - Just set prices and operate
  • Simple to set up and maintain
  • 100% financing available
  • Indoor use only
  • Lifetime Toll Free Support 1-800-833-4411