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OVM-VendRevv 36 Beverage Center 5 Wide-Elevator Delivery



  • Vends sodas, juices, dairy products, and other beverage products in 36 selections
  • Proven Soft Delivery Elevator System
  • Foamed-In-Place Insulated Cabinet and Door Energy efficient design achieves temperatures down to 36 Degrees F (2 Degrees C) in some of the most extreme climates
  • NAMA Health Safety on All Trays
  • Exterior Operating Environment: *High: 100 Degrees F (38 Degrees C) *Low: 40 Degrees F (5 Degrees C)
  • iVend Ensured Delivery Sensing Technology ensures money back vending performance
  • MDB/DEX Communication Capable
  • Versatile and Adjustable Trays and Helix Timing
  • Sturdy steel trays with heavy duty roller slides for easy loading
  • Scrolling Message Display With Multi-Language Programming
  • MDB Payment System Ready Including coin, bill, and card reader acceptance
  • Adjustable Helixes 360 – degree helixes adjust in 20 – degree increments giving you the ability to vend just about anything
  • One Push Lever Door Lock

OVM-VendRevv 48 Selection Water Chill Center



  • VendRevv 48 Select Water Chill Center
  • PayRange Standard with Control Board (allows customers to make contactless purchases using their cell phone) Standard with Control Board
  • LED Lighting
  • Standard peripheral opening for additional payment or POS systems
  • Back lighted keypad with Braille identification
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant
  • MDB support for all industry standard devices including cash, coin, debit and credit systems
  • DEX data output support
  • Full featured controller with sales and accounting
  • Price setting by selection, row or machine
  • Free vend and Combo vend modes
  • Flexible space to selection setting
  • Time of day discounting
  • Time of day shutdown modes for energy savings and secured vend times
  • Programmable coupon and token values
  • Coin and bill rejection rate counts
  • Accountability display by selection, row or machine
  • Talker device support for sight impaired (Talker not included)

Seaga Envision ENV5B Beverage 40 Selection Machine



  • Guarantee Delivery System
  • 4.3″ LCD Color Display
  • Elegant Contoured Bezel
  • Motorized Coin Return System
  • USB Programmable VMC
  • Over-sized product bin for larger products
  • Brilliant LED lighting lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Back-lit Braille keypad
  • Great customer interaction including jackpot giveaway settings and value meals or meal deal settings
  • MDB capable, DEX ports available
  • Removable trays with first in/first out (FIFO) product loading capability
  • Adjustable trays and dual coils are standard
  • Instant display of audit totals when front door is opened
  • Minimum SKU numbers for easy parts inventory
  • Inter-changeable parts with all Seaga Premium Collection equipment
  • The simplest machines to service in the industry
  • Custom configurations available for non-traditional vending like DVD’s, CD’s, electronics and more
  • Energy efficient heated door for reduced condensation
  • Health and safety features

The Prosper MultiBeverage Vending Machine



  • Guaranteed Delivery System
  • Telemetry Ready
  • Lock-Out and Timed Vend Settings
  • Interlock Door Construction for Added Security
  • Slide-In Cooling Deck
  • Not all models available in all countries
  • Seamless Payment System Integration
  • Energy Saver Settings
  • Scroll Pricing Display
  • High-Efficiency Refrigeration
  • 18 Selections, from 20 Columns
  • Easy to fill, with drop-down retainers
  • Unrivaled Product Flexibility
  • 300 Product Capacity
  • Designed & Manufactured in America