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AP 320 A La Carte Glass Front Frozen Vending Machine



  • Glass front for easy product viewing
  • Accepts dollar bills & coins
  • Spiral dispensing and 8 point “star drive” motors
  • 8 point “star drive” motors allow positive delivery of hard-to-vend items
  • The “first in, first out” selectivity ensures correct product rotation and minimizes waste
  • 5 Shelves with 26 to 40 selections
  • Coinco coin mechanism and dollar bill acceptor included
  • MADE IN U.S.A.

Fastcorp Z-400 Vacuum Ice-Cream Vending Machine



  • Reliable patented robotic vacuum pick-and-place technology to dispense products
  • No moving parts in the freezer
  • Operated with only 3 interchangeable motors for all movable functions and accurate to 1/16 of an inch
  • Easy to program in minutes and has self-diagnostics
  • Unlimited product bin configurations with no moving parts in the chest freezer
  • Inside operating temperature is -20F, with the chest freezer normally closed between product cycles
  • Multi pricing capabilities
  • Coin changer and dollar bill acceptor included
  • MADE IN U.S.A.

National 455 Frozen Food Machine



  • Typical product configuration as seen in picture
  • One of the highest capacity glass front frozen/refrigerated machines in the industry
  • Coin changer and dollar bill acceptor included
  • SureVend Guarantee delivery of products.. A standard feature
  • Standard storage tray for dozens of entrees or novelties
  • Three temperature ranges with user adjustable set points in each range
  • Operate hard freeze, Slack freeze or Refrigerated
  • Retracting delivery door ensures precise internal temperature control and enhances product security
  • Large capacity refrigeration system (3/4 HP compressor) enables pull down times of two hours in challenging 95 degree F environments
  • Programmable defrost with electronic control
  • Fits through 36″ door
  • Advanced electronics with multi pricing and data recall
  • Self diagnostics, time and date capabilities
  • Coin mechanism and dollar bill acceptor included
  • MADE IN U.S.A.